You Don’t Fit in a Box

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You Don’t Fit in a Box

Assessments, Models, and Other Distractions from Real Life

There are oodles of assessments and models to explain who you are and how you behave.   “You must be a 7.  Or an Introvert.  Or a Driver.  Ah, NOW I understand why you do that!”

Good stuff…sometimes. The best assessments help you to understand, accept and appreciate our differences.  They can be an intriguing start to explore the human condition.

But assessments and models are not true or deterministic.  Beware of using them to put people into boxes that don’t quite fit their quirky selves.

Sure, you have a personality, preferences, and a habitual style.  They can explain a lot of how you respond to life. At the same time, you  have free choice and the ability to flex according to what’s required in the moment. If you can imagine acting differently, you probably can.  It may take intention, focus and practice, but you can do it.

This great mystery of life  changes every moment, so throw away your script from yesterday’s drama. Don’t let a model keep you from experimenting with a full range of options.  Instead, tune into the nuances of THIS moment…then make a fresh choice that defies all labels.


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