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Increase Your Influence through Powerful Conversations Training
for experienced leaders, coaches and change agents

Executive Coaching

  • Expand your influence
  • Address tough dilemmas
  • Develop your people
  • Strengthen your presence

Team Development

  • Agree on vision and strategies
  • Clarify goals / roles
  • Address persistent conflicts
  • Improve follow-through

Organization Change

  • Transform your culture
  • Make your process more efficient
  • Align strategy with action
  • Refocus on results that matter

Powerful Conversations

  • Change their mindset
  • Coach for better performance
  • Instill a sense of  ownership
  • Deepen your impact on others
The best leaders insist on finding the right mix of competing demands. They pursue tasks with rigor AND treat people with compassion. They set high standards for others AND model excellence themselves. They use their authority judiciously AND strive to influence beyond what they can control. They inspire others to pursue their dreams AND are brutally realistic. My job is to support the mastery of leaders who are committed to this kind of excellence. - Steve Levin