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Design the change  •  Engage hearts and minds  •  Execute with excellence

We design the change effort so that all key stakeholders are actively engaged in creating shared success.  We help the change leaders to establish clear goals, build agreements and support, and organize to implement changes in a way that meets targets and produces satisfaction.

Our expertise includes:

  • Develop organizational strategy
  • Redesign organizational structures, roles, and responsibilities
  • Improve staffing and people solutions for the new organization
  • Consciously create the organizational culture that fits your values and business requirements
  • At every step, design and facilitate the vital meetings and conversations that create shared ownership and full commitment.
Steve gave us an all-in-one resource to handle so many organizational change issues. He understands strategy, culture, team development, and group dynamics. He designed and facilitated key events, and worked intensively in between to keep all the balls in the air. Best of all, he had instant credibility with our execs -- and they are really hard on consultants! Kudos!