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The Official Story

Steve Levin, principal of Leading Change, has over 25 years experience in coaching leaders, building teams, and consulting in organizational change. He is expert in designing and leading powerful conversations that create faster results, greater alignment, and more reliable execution.

  • Steve earned a B.A. and M.A. summa cum laude in Organizational Behavior from Yale University.
  • He is recognized as a Master Certified Coach (highest designation) by the International Coach Federation.
  • He has taught in the Organizational Leadership graduate program at John F. Kennedy University.

Before founding Leading Change, Steve was a senior consultant and master trainer with Interaction Associates and an internal organization development consultant in the computer and pharmaceutical industries. Previously he managed a $100 million business and developed new products in the consumer packaged goods industry.  He lives with his wife and two children in Portola Valley, California.

The Real Story

I stumbled into this field as a 2nd career, with a lot of education and business experience, but with hardly a clue about what makes people tick.  The first few years I was lucky to learn from seasoned pros who showed me that being the smartest guy in the room isn’t very useful unless you tune into people, connect with their cares, and then join them to create inspired results.

My professional journey over 25 years has taken me around the world and back home to the San Francisco Bay Area.  I’ve learned lots of methods and tools for strategic thinking, organizational design, culture building event facilitation, team development, interpersonal relations, and personal growth…and I’m more curious about people than ever.

My clients have big ambitions, lots of talent, and are open to growing their skills and heart.   It is my privilege to listen deeply to them, understand their greatest cares and concerns, and to offer whatever I can to both challenge and support them.

Through the years I have developed a style that combines rigor with kindness; disciplined thinking with compassion, analytical problem-solving with caring.  We really do not have to choose between our minds and our hearts.  We really can find a path that satisfies our full range of needs for personal and professional success.

I get to work with talented people on their toughest dilemmas in a context of care. It doesn’t get any better than that!