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Powerful Conversations Training
for Experienced Coaches and Leaders

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Coach for greater impact

Take your coaching to the next level with advanced skills in Powerful Conversations. This course is for experienced coaches and leaders who want to master how to take charge (of the conversational flow) without taking over (ownership of the issues.)

Change their mindset, not their opinions

You will practice “changing minds” — shifting the mindset of your clients and colleagues, not just influencing their opinions, as you design and lead conversations that spark insight and momentum for change.

Stop explaining, start exploring

To begin, get to the core issue fast. Then disrupt the drift of their habitual thinking so they stop explaining what they already know and start exploring what needs to be discovered

Support and challenge — at the same time

You will learn how to support with care and challenge with rigor in the same conversationThis means you honor your client’s views, show empathy and adapt to their frame of reference – and sometimes jump ahead a few steps to open a new perspective, e.g. “You seem to believe X…but what if the opposite were true? How could you find out?” Your goal is to provoke fresh insight for the sake of getting better results.

Advanced skills, live practice, lots of useful feedback

During each 90-minute videoconference session we will focus on one of the core skills of Powerful Conversations.  Then you will practice by coaching your peers on their real dilemmas. We will pause to ask, “What’s already effective here? How could the coaching be more powerful?” and give the coach extensive feedback and practical tips for greater impact.

We are in this together

You get expert instruction and tailored feedback in a small group, just 8-12 participants, so you have plenty of air time to explore and practice. You will be stretched and supported as you move towards greater mastery.

Is this a fit for you?

If you are intrigued, contact me for an interview (steve@leadingchange.net) to ensure a good mutual fit for this class. Your registration is confirmed after I receive payment and the interview is complete to our shared satisfaction.

Some logistics:

Recap of key features:

  • Expert instruction – Learn methods to challenge with rigor as you support with care
  • Live coaching – Jump in and experiment with advanced techniques
  • Instant, detailed feedback – Tailored to take you to your next level of coaching
  • Small group – Only 8-12 participants with a master mentor coach
  • Resource guide – 90+ pages of advanced models and tools
  • Videoconference format – Online, real-time video with screensharing for more intense learning (or dial in for telephone-only participation). Audio recordings available for review.
  • Online forum – Private group for discussing progress and setbacks and supporting each other between sessions

Space is limited.

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Steve Levin is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) and a 25+ year veteran of coaching and organizational change leadership.  He created the unique methods of Powerful Conversations training over 15 years ago to provide advanced skills to coaches, leaders and change agents in organizations.