Special and Ordinary

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Special and Ordinary

Which attitude is best for success:  (A) I am special or (B) I am  ordinary?

By feeling special, you step forward with ambition and confidence.  You may feel you naturally deserve success, and you scan for opportunities to be exceptional.  Because you are looking for possibilities with optimism and confidence, you are likely to find them.

The dark side of feeling special is separation.  You expect more of yourself and the world around you.  You might be highly critical, because average (or even above average) doesn’t meet your standards.  You imagine yourself as exceptional,  in your gifts and in your limitations.  You may come across as entitled, distant or arrogant.

That’s when you need a touch of humility.  When you realize that you are ordinary, really “nothing special”,  you find a lot of companionship.  You recognize everyone around you as a fellow traveler on the path of life, and it’s better to travel together than alone.  You are not always at the head of the table, but you are assured a welcome place at the table.

The sweet spot is to feel special and ordinary at the same time.  This is not a matter of balance or 50/50 compromise, but rather a celebration of your uniqueness combined a deep connection with others.  Then you feel confident yet humble, optimistic yet grounded, proactive yet patient.   And THAT is very special indeed.

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