Satisfaction vs. Gratitude

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Satisfaction vs. Gratitude

Are you fully satisfied?  Do you want to be?  Maybe there’s something better…

It’s a pleasure to feel satisfaction after a good meal or good sex, or after completing a tough challenge.   As a customer or boss, it’s appropriate to say, “Thank you.  I’m very satisfied.” Satisfaction is a transitional state of contentment and relaxation.  You declare an end to striving and enjoy what you already have.

But you might hesitate to declare, “I’m satisfied with my life.”    You might have ambition to create something new or different.  To say you are satisfied can seem like declaring an end to all further effort.  Contentment and complacency might be cousins.

Let’s ask a different question:  “Are you grateful?  Do you deeply appreciate what you have and who you are?”  I hope you can answer with a resounding “Yes!”

Gratitude is the attitude that keeps you positive, humble, and motivated, all at once.  The experience of gratitude reminds us that it is sweet to be alive.

There is a creative tension, but no contradiction, when you say, “I’m deeply grateful…and I’m not yet satisfied with a few things that keep me going.”  





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