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Clear Your Mind

A good day starts with a mind that is clear and present.  This is rare, for your mind may be often hijacked by drama or dullness.

Drama can take the form of anxiety, criticism, or any struggle that keeps your energy from flowing freely.  Dullness comes from resignation or resentment, or any judgments that leave you feeling small and tight.

The beauty of a clear, present mind is that you are relaxed, yet alert.  In this state, you have easy access to your best internal resources.  You see others more fully as whole human beings.  You are less transactional and more relational.  You keep in perspective the competing tugs for  short term vs. long term goals; caring for yourself and caring for the whole; being thoughtful  and acting decisively.

So, how do you clear your mind and become more present?

1. Pause.  Take a breath.  A moment of reflection and stillness allows you to step out of drama.

2. Notice your thoughts and feelings with curiosity.  Remind yourself that the drama or dullness in your mind is just a story or a mood that will pass.

3. Focus on giving to others or getting something done.  Make it specific and immediate.  The more you focus “out there” the less you will be gripped by the drama “in here.”

4. Change it up.  Go for a walk.  Take a break.  Do some push-ups.  Whatever interrupts the cycle of busy-ness.

5. Empty your mind by pouring out your hopes and concerns without judgment, either to a good friend (who feels no need to fix you) or in a journal.

However you clear your mind, you will feel the power of a fresh start.


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