A Flash of Insight is Not Enough

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A Flash of Insight is Not Enough

Most insights  fade as quickly as they arise.
“I just had a great idea….wait, what was it again?”

A flash of insight is not enough to create lasting change.  Just as a spark at a campfire needs air and fuel to create combustion, your spark of insight needs curiosity, support, and action to create enduring value.

So when you are inspired next, try this:

1. Insight – Say your insight out loud or write it down.  Don’t judge it, just get it out of your head and into the  world.

2. Curiosity – Get curious about its implications.  Explore your world from this new point of view.  What new possibilities arise?  What old assumptions fall away?  What becomes clear that was previously obscured?  What else do you want to find out?

3. Support – Share your ideas with someone who will encourage you and extend your thinking.  Stay away from critics until you have developed your thinking a bit more.

4. Action – Take a small step forward.  Design an experiment, seek more views, or test your ideas with others.   Even a small action will  spread the flame.

Repeat the cycle – Insight, Curiosity, Support and Action – to fan the fires of change.



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