A Recipe for Meaning

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A Recipe for Meaning

When you feel low, it can seem that nothing really matters.  These are lonely moments, and your best inner resources are hiding.  No matter where you look, you can’t find purpose or meaning.

Then you realize:  You can’t really find meaning.  You have to make your own meaning.

How can you make your own meaning when you are feeling so low and resourceless?  What’s the recipe for making meaning, anyway?  Here’s my favorite.  It uses fresh ingredients, locally sourced from within, and is packed with nourishment.

Preparation:  Clear your mind of clutter
1 cup Hope
1 cup Curiosity
2 tablespoons Faith in yourself, God, etc.(may be hard to find if not in season)

Stir gently until thoroughly blended.
Chill overnight to thicken resolve.

Add:  1 part Playfulness (an all-natural sweetener)
A dash of Irreverence or Rebelliousness (flavor enhancer)
Heat until Possibilities begin to bubble up on the surface.

Now, scoop up the most attractive Possibilities and apply the Action of your choice.   This might be discussing with others, doing experiments, or whatever helps you to be more intrigued.

Apply generously to real problems and opportunities
Serves 1 or Many.  The more it’s shared, the more nourishing the Meaning becomes.

Bon appetit!

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